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How do I read on my Computer?

Last Updated: Oct 23, 2019 02:33PM BST
We have a great web browser version of Readly ( for our Laptop or PC users. is different to the Readly app in a few ways...


If you have opened a magazine by clicking on an image of the magazine cover, you can use the left and right arrows to move through the pages. A single click on the page shows the page overview at the bottom, which you can either move back and forth with the mouse wheel or with the slider. If you have found an interesting page, then click on it and you will instantly jump to that page. A single click terminates the page overview and the whole page is visible again.

Zoom in 

You can either increase it by double-clicking on the desired page or press the "Z" (also several times) for a zoom - reduce it with the "X" key.
Stepless and maximum zoom: Roll button and mouse wheel

Bookmark this site:

If you want to bookmark a page, click once on the page so that the bookmark icon appears in the upper right-hand corner. A simple click activates it. You will be asked to add a description and then save the bookmark (which you can then find later in the 'My Content" section).

Double-Page View:

For page view, you can choose between single or double-page view. The icon for this appears when you click once in the centre of a magazine page you are reading. After you have done that, the page view icon will appear in the upper right-hand corner (this icon looks like an open book). A single click on one, or both, of 
the two pages that make up the page view icon switches between either single or double-page view.

Add to favourites:

Similarly to the Readly app, you can mark certain magazines with the star as your personal favourite.
You will find your favourites under "My Content".

Create additional profiles:

All you need to do is click on your profile name and icon in the top left-hand corner, from here you can then select 'Create Profile", fill in the profile information and 'Save".

Unsharp pictures?

Blurry or blurry images and text are usually created when the magazine is not fully loaded. Please make sure that the magazine is really fully loaded before you start to scroll through a magazine - the loading progress is indicated by the yellow loading bar at the bottom of the screen. This loading bar will appear after you click once on a magazine page.

Unexpectedly blocked from accessing

If you are blocked unexpectedly, it may be because a person who is part of your subscription has also registered in the browser with the same access data. Currently, the system only accepts one user in the browser version of Readly. However, we are already working on a solution that will make this possible in the future.


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